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PwC and #MeToo




For far too long, society has tolerated sexual harassment. Now, finally, the #MeToo movement is sweeping through industries from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, and companies from investment banks to fast food restaurants are increasingly reckoning with the impact of sexual harassment on their employees. According to Bloomberg in April 2018, "PwC [US] has retooled its sexual harassment training and is planning a series of live discussion sessions for employees." Do you think that is enough?

PwC's UK affiliate revealed in 2018 that for every £100 a man earns as a PwC partner or employee, women at the firm earn an average of £56. In contrast, according to the UK's Office of National Statistics (ONS), when looking at all UK employers, women earn £82 for every £100 men earn. PwC US has not released data as to any pay gap in the United States, but the UK data raises the question whether one might exist and what it might look like.  What better way to find out then to ask directly?

We are an organization of 30,000 hotel, cafeteria, casino and restaurant workers that has fought back against harassment and discrimination in the workplace.  We are reaching out to PwC employees because PwC continues to do business at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, where employees are fighting for dignity and respect on the job as they demand a fair process to organize a union at the resort. PwC holds its senior associate leadership development programs at the Terranea, and has refused our request to take its business to a location where workers are treated with respect.

The #MeToo movement has reached as far as the Terranea.  One of Time Magazine’s 2017 People of the Year, Sandra Pezqueda, worked as a dishwasher at the Resort.  After Sandra came forward to report predatory sexual harassment, she was fired. She filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination and retaliation against the Terranea and the staffing agency that placed her there. The suit was settled in April 2018.  Under the terms of the settlement agreement entered into by Pezqueda and the staffing agency, Excellent Maintenance Service, Inc., the agency will pay Pezqueda $250,000 to resolve all claims raised in the lawsuit.

Sandra Pezqueda and many other women in the #MeToo movement have proven that the best way to lift the silence over issues of sexual harassment and gender inequality is to TALK about them.  Will you join us in this important conversation by taking a minute to complete the survey below? 


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